Rental Period:
Minimum rental period is 24 hours.

Driving License and Age Lower Limit:
In the applications;

E and D group vehicles (Symbol, Hyundai) 23 years and 2 years driving license,

25 years and 3 years driving license in F and G group vehicles (Focus, Megane),

S and K group vehicles (Passat, Mondeo) require a 28-year-old and 5-year driving license.

Deposit (Credit Card Usage)
Our rental customers are required to have a credit card issued in their name during the rental. Depending on the group of the vehicle they rented, a pre-authorization of 300 TL can be blocked from this credit card.


Usage and Mileage Limit:
There is no use in vehicles rented a kilometer limit and tools are available only in the Republic of Turkey.


Traffic Fines:
Any traffic fines and liability that may occur during the contract period belong to the tenant.


All vehicles T.C. It is insured with Traffic Insurance stipulated by law and also Private Motor Insurance. In case the insurance conditions are not fulfilled, the responsibility belongs to the tenant.


Points Out Of The Insurance Coverage:
Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
Exceeding the determined speed limit,
To move the vehicle from its location during the accident,
Not taking priority official minutes and documents within the scope of insurance such as accident detection report, alcohol report or stolen report,

* If the key and license are stolen due to being a portable property, they are not covered by the insurance.

* Damage to tires, glass, headlights, excluding accidents, can optionally be covered by LCF insurance for an extra fee.

Please contact us for more detailed information on general terms and insurance.


Services and products excluded from car rental prices.


It is not included in our fuel prices, the fuel delivered at the level specified in the contract at the beginning of the lease is received at the same level at the end of the lease. For vehicles returned with missing or empty tank gasoline, the fuel difference is charged together with the service fee.

In our vehicles, the fuel tank is delivered to the customers with some fuel so that the warning light will not be illuminated, the gasoline contained in the vehicle is not returned when delivering the vehicle to us.


Additional Driver

If the driver's license is shown and meets the rental prerequisites (except the deposit prerequisite), 2 drivers can be entered into a contract without any charge, a fee of 5 TL / day is requested for each driver after the second driver.


Baby and Child Seat

Baby and child seats can be provided on request for an extra fee. If you specify during your reservation, our reservation officers will inform you.


Navigation device

The navigation device can be provided to the vehicles, upon request, for an extra fee. If you specify during your reservation, our reservation officers will inform you.

Lease Contract Change Requests

The rental price and the reservation confirmation given are given according to the conditions agreed at the beginning. In cases where it is not possible to meet a change that may be requested in these conditions operationally (reservation of the vehicle, arrival of maintenance mileage, etc.), this demand may not be met. Even if the change request has been accepted, since this will change the price calculation determined initially, an additional fee may be charged or refund may not be made in early returns. Any change that may occur in any of the following conditions may change the rental terms. The request for the extension of the rental period is received by phone in the first extension and the fee is collected by mail order and approved. For subsequent extension requests, the vehicle must be brought to one of our offices and checked.


   * Change of return date and time (extension / early return)

    * Change of return station

    * Vehicle group change

    * Request to add additional driver to the contract

    * Time difference

The rental period is 24 hours. For 3 hours late delivery, an amount up to 20% of the daily rental fee can be requested. In cases exceeding 3 hours, a 1-day fee is collected. Delays in vehicle returns without approval may cause the Insurance Benefit Coverage (Full or Exempt Accident Insurance) to be disabled.


Other Operational Extras

You can get information about the price and availability status if you forward the services you think may be needed during your journey to our reservation officers.


Booking Conditions

Reservations made through our website are valid with the following conditions:
In case of a request to change the reservation conditions you have made (before or after the return date, changing the return station, changing the vehicle group, adding an additional driver to the contract), the request cannot be met, and if it is met, an additional fee will be charged.

Rental Contract